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What you need to know about Swelling

Swelling is also known by the medical term ‘oedema’. It is caused by an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues.  Swelling occurs because the fluid in the affected body part is unable to return to the vascular system from where it came, or it is unable to drain properly via the lymphatic system. There are many reasons why someone may have swelling / oedema. For example, you could have localised swelling due to injury or an allergic reaction. You could have generalised swelling due to an underlying heart, kidney or liver condition. You may also have swelling due to having Lymphoedema.

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How Circulation affects your health

When we talk about circulation we are referring to the heart, blood vessels, and blood. Your heart is an amazing organ as it continuously pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout your body to sustain life.  As the heart beats, it pumps blood through a system of blood vessels, called the circulatory system. The vessels are elastic, muscular tubes that carry blood to every part of the body. Blood is essential. In addition to carrying fresh oxygen from the lungs and nutrients to your body's tissues, it also takes the body's waste products, including carbon dioxide, away from the tissues. This is necessary to sustain life and promote the health of all the body's tissues.

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