"He passed away at the age of 63. He was such a bastard"

“Irene”, 82

 Part 4 of 4

The last time he hit me was on my 50th birthday.  He just started laying into me whilst we were lying in bed. I fought back trying to punch him too, but he was too strong. I ended up with the biggest black eyes and had to call in sick to work. It was always hard having to take time off work because he beat me up again. I used to be so embarrassed and ashamed.

He decided that he was leaving me after he was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. There was so much hatred in his eyes when he told me to get out otherwise he would kill me.  Eventually though I ended up looking after him. He passed away at the age of 63.  He was such a bastard.

Fast forward 20 years, and I’m so disappointed in how most of my kids treat me. My eldest son keeps in contact with me every now and then. My second son was 45 when he passed away from a heart attack.  My third son hardly ever talks to me or calls me. It’s been 12 months since I’ve heard from him. He comes into town every now and then, but he doesn’t even have the decency to give his mum a call - it hurts so much.  My eldest daughter is a drunk. I was renting a house from her for awhile after her father passed away as I didn’t have anywhere else to go. One day my niece wanted to move in with her boyfriend. I told her that she could move in with me, but not the boyfriend. Next thing I know, my daughter tells me that I had to move out, and  she wouldn’t give me a reason.  I had nowhere else to go again.  Luckily my youngest daughter now looks after me. She takes me to appointments, and gets me out of the house. She’s been with me whilst I’ve undergone treatment for breast cancer (having to have my left breast removed in 2014), and then all the treatment you have to go through for that.  When I made it out the other side of breast cancer, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. It can’t be cured. I’ve also been diagnosed with early dementia. And so now I’m just waiting…

Dione Brockwell