"The foxes used to just laugh at him because he couldn’t shoot straight!"

“Irene”, 82

 Part 3 of 4

I had a husband who used to hit me, use me however he wanted, and if he felt like it, would try and shoot me. He used to love guns and he always had them around. He used to try and shoot foxes when he was drunk – but the foxes used to just laugh at him because he couldn’t shoot straight! One day we had a huge fight. He was drunk. He came into the bedroom waving a gun around and began pointing it at me.  The gun went off. It missed me, but the bullet went through our bedroom wall, and landed in the cot of our 10 month old son. Our son was in the cot at the time, and lucky enough he wasn’t hurt.  My husband wasn’t fazed by it and didn’t care at all.

One time I was given photos showing him with another woman. He had just left home to go away for a few days, so I jumped in the car and chased him down the road. I was so angry, I pulled him over, grabbed the hand gun out of the glove compartment (because there was always a gun in there), and told him I was going to kill him. I never did, but I wanted to.

After that, I worked up the courage to leave. I took the two girls with me to my mum’s, and my sister had the three boys. But after a while, his bitch of a mother had me served papers that said that my husband was putting the boys into a boy’s home, all except the oldest one (because he was his mother’s favourite). He knew I wouldn’t leave the kids, or allow them to be put into a home, so I went back.

Dione Brockwell