RevivE your
hands & feet

Mobile Hand and Foot Therapy

Darwin, Palmerston & Rural



Performed by a fully qualified Occupational Therapist



Relieve the symptoms of your painful joints with gentle lymphatic and relaxation massage techniques


Using targeted therapy techniques, we can help to reduce the heavy, tight feeling in your limbs

Aches and pains

Improving the efficiency of your circulatory system can help to reduce general aches and pains

Head tension

A calming head and scalp massage can help to improve your sleep and general wellbeing


Treatments & Packages

Our therapeutic sessions are tailored to suit your needs. We offer individual treatment sessions, along with treatments that are packaged together to maximise your relaxation and wellbeing

Arthritis relief packages  

Special all over treatments


What makes us tick?


The human body is an incredible thing. A key step in helping to improve our health and wellbeing, is to firstly understand what makes us tick and know how our bodies work. Only then can we make the necessary changes that will help improve our symptoms, and ultimately how we feel


The story of Your hands...

Your hands tell the story of your life

They tell the story of love, work and adventure. We love learning from other people, and discovering their unique and particular journey. We share some of these stories with you now.